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DESOLATE HEAVEN - Chant the End of Times

Monday, 30 March 2015 19:30

31 March 2015 release date


Echo from the frozen and desolate future.

The cursed ghost that uttered his scream in 2013 finds his physical manifestation.

Dedication to the dead, to the end of the world and to the helplessness of sacred before primordial darkness.

The 3rd album of belarusian band DESOLATE HEAVEN is designed to Chant The End Of Times.

Don't try to get in the true path. All of them are cursed.


Sunday, 30 November 2014 17:31

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RAVEN THRONE - Доктрина Ненависти

Monday, 04 August 2014 20:44

RAVEN THRONE - Doctrine of Hatred, release date 06.08.2014

“At the end of ten Winters of existence, Raven Throne presents its third full-length album, its doctrine, its third step beyond bounds of the Living, a step towards understanding Infinity, Predetermination and Eternity…

“Doctrine of Hatred” stigmatizes mendacious Light, rips open sham virtue and crushes your fragile view of the world.

Being a result of several years of work, this release could only have this exact sound: inevitable, self-sufficient, and thoroughgoing.

Seven sacral hymns embodied furious Quintessence of Raven Throne – Stellar Abyss Cold, Cult of Eternal Winter, and Mysticism of Ancient Earth. Follow the Raven!”

DIGI, 500 copies.

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