ZAKLON "Шэпт Чорнага Лісьця" is available for sale. Digifile format, 500 copies.

ZAKLON "Шэпт Чорнаго Лiсьця", release date - 23.11.2012

Autumn… Weaving its curses, Autumnnow poisons all things in existence… Sombre lake waters are likeeyes of the dead… Gazing at leaden skies, the cities stand doomed… Mortification… Decay… Silence… Void…Waiting for the Gates of the most ferocious and gloomy Winter to open…Vanishing in the thickets, and the forest, and the swamps covered in autumn fogs… Heeding the whispering of black rotten foliage… That which covers the feet of the trees like a carpet…

Nine anthems of sombre Black Metal saturated with dampness and poison of the autumn’s withering… Straight from the heart of Kryvia’s forests…


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Autumn 2012 - ZAKLON "Шэпт Чорнага Лісьця", black metal, Belarus

Winter 2012-2013 - Munruthel re-issue "Явь, Навь и Правь", slavonic pagan/ambient, Ukraine

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