Night Falls onto the Fronts of Ours 2015 GARD 020

Sixth full-lenght entitled "Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours" is out on Candlelight Records.

The album was recorded from January to June 2014 at local studios Phantom Records, Jurgis home studio, Nightmarestudio and Iron Still Records then mixed and mastered by Shaddar, our long term partner in his legendary Blacklight Studio, Kyiv, Ukraine. The album contains 8 tracks, total duration: 43 mins.
LP “Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours” is out on Svarga Music collaborated with Bloodred Distribution, Fimbulvinter Productions, Gardarika Musikk and Possession productions. LP comes in gatefold sleeve limited to 500 copies.




Chant the End of Times 2015 GARD 019

Echo from the frozen and desolate future.
The cursed ghost that uttered his scream in 2013 finds his physical manifestation.
Dedication to the dead, to the end of the world and to the helplessness of sacred before primordial darkness.
The 3rd album of belarusian band DESOLATE HEAVEN is designed to Chant The End Of Times.
Don't try to get in the true path. All of them are cursed.


Doctrine of Hatred 2014 GARD 018


At the end of ten Winters of existence, Raven Throne presents its third full-length album, its doctrine, its third step beyond bounds of the Living, a step towards understanding Infinity, Predetermination and Eternity… “Doctrine of Hatred” stigmatizes mendacious Light, rips open sham virtue and crushes your fragile view of the world. Being a result of several years of work, this release could only have this exact sound: inevitable, self-sufficient, and thoroughgoing. Seven sacral hymns embodied furious Quintessence of Raven Throne – Stellar Abyss Cold, Cult of Eternal Winter, and Mysticism of Ancient Earth. Follow the Raven!




The Dawns Were Drifting as Before T-Shirt 2014 GARD 017




Land of Never Frightened Birds/Towards the Twilight 2014 GARD 016

Vinyl release of two mini albums "Land of Never Frightened Birds" and "Towards the Twilight". The record released as a collaboration of Gardarika Musikk and Irii-Sad Productions. Musical items on the album "Land of Never Frightened Birds" have been partially re-recorded and remixed.

Sir Gorgoroth (Nokturnal Mortum, Khors, Drudkh...) has supervised the new album's artwork.

Oaths Sworn in Blood and Mead 2013 GARD 015

From the frozen wastelands of the north, the bloodbrothers came…telling tales of mythical swords, fallen warriors, blood oaths and runic knowledge.

‘Oaths Sworn In Blood And Mead’ …the second album from English Viking metal band – SLEIPNIR. An album where Bathory and Manowar meet with epic orchestrated soundscapes to produce a unique sound. Massive choruses and choirs transport you to the realms of Asgard where fallen brothers await you in Valhalla. Sixtracks – 79 minutesofEPICVIKINGMETAL!!!
Yav, Nav i Prav 1997/2013 (re-release) GARD 014
Gardarika Musikk would like to announce the release date for the re-issue of the second
MUNRUTHEL-album “Явь, Навь и Правь” (“Yav, Nav I Prav”), originally released in 1997
on tape and 2004 on CD. The new version comes in a deluxe 6pp digipak with new artwork
and contains a bonus track.
The now upcoming highlight “Явь, НавьиПравь”, as can be seen because of the year of the
release, is an early work of MUNRUTHEL, a dark piece of ambient art, deeply entwined in
the Slavonic tradition and the cult of Mother Nature. The ten tracks flow smoothly into one another and leave the listener breathless with their beauty. Imagine a bodiless journey,
calmly flying above a planet that has not been destroyed by man, imagine what it would feel
like to not know the entity of time. MUNRUTHEL herein captures this vision.

Сымбалi Нязбытнага 2013 (Digifile)
GARD 013
The most fierce and hard-edged album of ZAKLON… Without any excessive “poetics”, without “romanticism”, without “pseudo-depressiveness”… Merely the Cold, Darkness and Death in the arms of bitter frost… Leaving no hope for serenity or creation… Pure rampage of the element…
Whisper of Black Foliage | 2012 (Digifile) GARD 012
Autumn… Weaving its curses, Autumnnow poisons all things in existence… Sombre lake waters are likeeyes of the dead… Gazing at leaden skies, the cities stand doomed… Mortification… Decay… Silence… Void…Waiting for the Gates of the most ferocious and gloomy Winter to open…Vanishing in the thickets, and the forest, and the swamps covered in autumn fogs… Heeding the whispering of black rotten foliage… That which covers the feet of the trees like a carpet…
Nine anthems of sombre Black Metal saturated with dampness and poison of the autumn’s withering… Straight from the heart of Kryvia’s forests…
Epoch Of Aquarius | 2006/2012 (re-release) GARD 011

Third album of MUNRUTHEL became nowadays a classic of Ukrainian Folk Pagan Metal. Released in 2006 and quietly sold out this masterpiece of Slavonic Pagan Art is now revived. From a legend of Ukrainian underground, Vladislav “Munruthel” Redkin, this great album consisting of unbelievable folkloristic colors, technical solos and folk instruments makes glory and pride of Ukrainian Pagan Metal! Included DEAD CAN DANCE cover "Black Sun".


Towards The Twilight 2012 (digipack) GARD 010

"Towards The Twilight", is the latest work of Vladimir within aframework of his individual Black Metal project SIVYI YAR. The EP takes the author and the listener further into the sundown realm ofunearthly dreams that the music of this band evokes.
The title song is a tribute to one of the darkest visionaries within Russia's deep underground dark ambient community – Roman Sidorov (andhis one-man band Staruha Mha), who hung himself in autumn of 2003. Thesong starts with almost-major riff, to which Vladimir declamates,shrieking (properly harsh) his simple yet dramatic verses throughgraceful but disturbing, resonant and multilayered panels, whereundercovered by thick ambient gauze, guitars and drums smoke theircrossing also by cattish acoustic soundscapes – until comes the perfect timing for a battery salvo.
The second track is a desperate lamentation addressed to Motherland's soil, sloshed with a blood of the fratridical Civil War – a piece of classic Depressive Black Metal/Post Metal, fueled withPagan anger and heavily inspired by Ivan Bunin's "The Cursed Days".
As a coda you get estranged stars twinkling above the firry abyss,in the timeless barathrum of which the weepings of women are echoingand ashes of funeral fires glow.


Raven Throne


Eternal, Dark 2010 GARD 009

Cold Black Metal, Belarus

Sivyi Yar
The Night 2011 GARD 008
Natural Pagan Black Metal. In the vein of Isengard and In the Woods with ambient influences. Russland
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Bloodbrothers 2010 GARD 007
Epic Viking metal from England
With the wind in their sails, crossing gruelling seas,  Sons of the Northern land are coming!
In the traditions of bands such as Bathory, Forefather, Falkenbach and Manowar came SLEIPNIR. Epic Viking Metal from England.
Gardarika   Musikk  is proud to present to you the debut album "Bloodbrothers" contains powerful melodies and riffs, massive choirs and unique vocals including epic warrior chants. The lyrics tell the stories of the Viking warriors of Midgard and the gods of Asgard. They tell of battles, mead horns, heathen rituals and the slaying of christians.
Sleipnir play Viking Metal for the underground. Epic, Viking, Metal.
Fier 2009 GARD 006
Pagan black metal from the Netherlands
Inspired by pride and reverence for their ancestral homeland and traditional heathen beliefs. Hellebaard plays a unique mix of European pagan metal and Nordic black metal. Listen to Hellebaards battle hymns and hear the echoes of battle horns, knocking of weapons and armour, and cries of victory and death. Feel yourself wandering through ancient forests and over bare mountains, not tread by men before.
Gardarika   Musikk  is proud to present to you Hellebaard's fourth album "Fier". This new album offers eight pagan black metal hymns in which Hellebaard experiences with different melodies and rythms which strengthen and enhance the original and unique Hellebaard style. A style which combines the best of bands like Bathory, Graveland, Darkthrone and Summoning..
R-3428406-1330115671   MUNRUTHEL

Oriana Tales 1999/2009 (digipack re-release) GARD 005

Full New Digipak-Edition and New bonus track Re-Edition of a material of 1999. This is a one-man project (ex-member of Nokturnal Mortum, Ukraine) . Drowning in mystical depths of ancient pagan cults and beliefs. Slavic folkloric melodies and pure ambient. A travel through times and dark spaces, olden woods and bogs, and Worlds Beyond. Label Gardarika Musikk presents this CD digipak-edition with completely new Artwork and design, and also new bonus track. And thus the Tales began to be told…
I Et Fjort Fortid 2009 GARD 004
When something goes wrong. And when you will be tired in search of true quality. Then... it’s time to start looking for that one - strokes from oars must be heard, there is a longship gliding through the fjord! The fine Viking/black, with the thunder peals, piercing guitar sound and a lyrics in the Norwegian. One-man band ALVHEIM has made a strong black metal album mixed with the acoustics and atmospheric sounds. There’s a right direction – long long time ago, where battles, storms, and mighty Northern gods awaits! Label Gardarika Musikk represents the first release of ALVHEIM -"I Et Fjort Fortid" ("In Far Past"). Longship enter the fjord!
 raven throne
As The Shadow Through Death 2008 GARD 003
Following the paths of old winter, into the lost woods, like a shade through death and agony of a modern days...  So hopeless, so desolate...  Ancient memory of nature and primeval instincts of man unity. Voice from the past reached through darkness. 
Traditions of the best northern bands. The drizzling, rainy sound veil is pierced with splashes in far peals. Noise intros from beyond pass in forcing gloom dense riffs. Successful atmospheric support of the keyboard shades the basic line. A screaming vocal is full of Northern screaming. 
Powerful analogies with Darkthrone and Immortal, with an slightly touch Primordial and Graveland - as strokes-reminders about Slavic and Celtic melodism. 
Label Gardarika Musikk presents you this album "As the Shadow through Death". 
Fine and cold, pagan black metal. 
 Kurgan Page1 для промо 300x300


...And Green Grasses Are Freezing Slowly 2008 GARD 002
Furious hymns of unsilent storms! Fine folk melodies filled with increasing assault of black metal. "And hordes of winds and storms behind it is born", green grasses tremble, old oaks rustle. Pagan heart begins to pound - Almighty Gods of the Slavonic Pantheon awake in this music of ancient greatness and harmony. 
Classical black metal sound in the veins of early works Satyricon and Immortal meets atmospheric and folkloric parts. But an unique sense of the melody, an unique sound. Vocal not only used screaming, yet also low growling and clean voice singing. Songs are written in Russian and Ukrainian to honour of great gods and the native land. 
Label Gardarika Musikk represents you this album "…And Green Grasses Are Freezing Slowly". 
It’s a Masterpiece.




Our Legacy 2007 GARD 001 

FEARLIGHT band is well-known since year of 2005. At first time it's followed doom metal as a leading line, but in search of own way they gradually comes to Folk Pagan metal with the same path of sound-quality. Taking for a model an experience of top-level Folk Pagan bands, FEARLIGHT has founded its own unique music style. It's been incarnating in the first album which releasing had been putting off for some time because of the musicians wanted their records had been produced with a maximal quality of sound and arrangements.
Label GARDARIKA MUSIKK is presenting "Our Legacy" - the first full-length CD-release of this band. Melodic and remaining in once's memory pagan doom metal well expands with folk influences. Whistle and bagpipe are be constantly added to a sound palette, reconstructingan ancient time picture vividly. The beautiful woman's voice harmonizes with growl and clear man's voices. A lyric represents a poetic viewing for old times from the present day and a deep own feelings. The band not uses only the modern sound of pagan metal but some classic's elements and age-old russian songs. Rapid songs and splendid ballads alternate in disc.
Album "Our Legacy" represents as a fine legend, as a sound weaving atmosphere with greatness of north landscapes, as a breath of morning fogs and never fading flame of pagan traditions.